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Our Solutions 

We group our solutions according to the real world problems that they address. Take a look at the Solutions drop-down menu to see the scope of the world-class content that we provide. Select the area that speaks to your needs, and understand the type of approach we adopt. 


In terms of delivery, each client's situation is unique. Some clients need face-to-face intensive personal and workshop support.  Others prefer to utilize online eCoaching giving them greater geographical, and as such, employee reach.  We work with both delivery mechanisms to supply truly tansformational value.


We specialise in mentoring and coaching both organizations and individuals to achieve their maximum performance and productivity in line with organizational goals and values.


​Our clients include Government, NGO’s, and companies based in the service and manufacturing sector.

Organizations and individuals deal with periodic extreme stress combined with the long term debilitating effects of working in a demanding role.

We see the prime causes behind the issues we tackle as a lack of leadership and management skills, low emotional intelligence, social and life skills, resulting in stress, burnout and high staff turnover.  Our programmes address these factors by building resilient employees (who are able to bounce back) in a thriving work environment. 

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AIM: To develop a passionate individual able to bounce back after a critical incident and persevere to achieve long term goals.


  • Individual assessments of

    • Emotional Intelligence

    • Overall Mental Toughness

  • Understanding resilience and GRIT

  • Recognising the 6 domains of resilience

  • Identity:  Habits of mind and attitude

  • The Four Human Intelligences

  • Locus of control

  • Assumptions, beliefs and values

  • Personal development Plan

  • Whole Brain Thinking


Aim: To become the best YOU by intelligently discerning the areas of growth or challenge and knowing which tools or skills to use and apply


  • The Four Intelligences

  • Your own Emotional Intelligence assessment

  • Values and values alignment

  • Work Life Balance coaching

  • Mindfulness and the body mind connection

  • Conflict management styles and tools

  • Communication styles and effectiveness

  • Your own Leadership Style

  • Whole Brain Model

  • Formulating your own Personal Development Plan with a coach



  • Learn to collaborate within diversity.

  • Deal with issues that threaten collaboration such as gender, positional and cultural harassment.



  • What is identity

  • The Four Human Intelligences and how to apply these

  • Reconnecting with your voice​

  • Identifying personal values to identify your driving forces

  • How to be assertive in healthy boundary setting

  • Owning your NO

  • Understanding your own leadership, communication and conflict handling style

  • Use of GROW in formulating a Personal Development Plan



  • A:  Awareness the signs and symptoms of stress, burnout and compassion fatigue

  • B:  Learning to create balance again

  • C:  Connecting with yourself and others meaningfully

  • D:  Develop and Dream

  • E:  Is compassion fatigue an ethical issue in the helping professions?


  • Understand the primary causes and triggers of stress, burnout and compassion fatigue

  • Identify the signs and symptoms of stress, burnout and compassion fatigue

  • Manage their cognitive, physical, emotional,  and spiritual impact

  • Identifying your current state of stress, burnout or compassion fatigue (ProQol)

  • Developing skills and tools to prevent and manage this going forward including:

    • Work-Life Balance

    • Mindfulness

    • Body-mind connection

  • Formulating your own Personal Development Plan with a coach



  • Debrief individuals and teams after a critical or traumatic incident

  • Understand and manage the cognitive, physical, emotional and spiritual impact of trauma



  • Seven Step Debriefing process immediately after the critical incident ending with a roadmap going forward

  • This is followed by coaching on:

  • Cognitive restructuring

  • Assumptions, beliefs and values pre and post trauma

  • Habits of mind and attitude and tools to assist

  • Trauma Release Exercises

  • Individual coaching as needed

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