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The greatest strength of an organisation is when its people contribute to the culture, success and well-being of that organisation.  Camber Coaching works with organisations which, for business as well as ethical reasons, want to invest in their greatest asset - their people.

Such organisations recognise both the financial and human cost associated with stress, fatigue and burnout which result in absenteeism, professional errors, under performance, high staff turnover and somatic illnesses.

Because we recognise that no two organisations are the same, or have the same needs, we customise and blend our solutions to meet their specific needs. We can work with individuals or groups on site. We can also work remotely via technology when the people concerned are geographically dispersed.


Camber Coaching seeks to develop employees and leaders who can cross boundaries and cultures; communicate effectively; and build networks necessary for supporting creativity and innovation, the lifeblood of any thriving organisation. We focus on building corporate culture and empowering individuals and organisations to manage cultural diversity through:


Creating a set of skills that enable people to recognise, understand, reflect and embrace cultural differences


• Cultivating the culture of diversity and inclusion


• Recalibrating the transformation agenda for optimsed organisational performance. Our capabilities are augmented with partnerships that give us both an international coaching experience and the world’s best solutions.


A coach is a person’s strategic thinking partner

They hold up a mirror to help you understand your relationships, interactions, social processes and dynamics within yourself and others.

They assist you in engaging the neocortex (thinking part) of your brain to help you see perspective, think rationally about situations, reframe and problem solve.


It helps you:

  • Deal positively with challenges and help you become ‘unstuck’

  • Problem solve and set goals

  • Make clear decisions

  • Deal with career challenges

  • Work with relationships

  • Identify and cope with stress, burnout and blind spots

  • Team building and team performance

  • Align both the organisational and individuals values and goals

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Cultural Diversity Management


Personal Mastery

Change Management

Talent Management


Emotional Resilience

Stress and Burnout Coaching



Coaching On-site of Individuals and Teams 

Coaching On-line via Skype



Interactive Workshops

E-Learning Platform

  • Meet with the organisation to discuss perceived issues, needs and competency gaps

  • Facilitate a strategic planning session with key role players including a SWOT analysis

  • Conduct a pulse check around key behavioural competencies

  • Together decide on the desired intervention and ultimate outcomes

  • Identify possible online modules to address behavioural competency gaps

  • Method of delivery:

    • Workshops and facilitation

    • Team and individual coaching and mentorship

    • Coach / mentor matching

    • Online modules with specific development plans (e-learning)

    • Individual coaching via skype or in person around online modules

    • Training around problem areas that arise during the process

  • Monthly  measurement tools and progress reports

  • Pulse check at the end of the process to identify competency growth

  • Taylor making the process to meet company specific needs

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