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About Us


Camber Coaching is a 100% woman owned and managed level 2 B-BBEE company that was incorporated in 2014. We specialise in business and life coaching, equipping people with the tools, knowledge, and opportunities they need to fully develop themselves to be effective in their personal and professional lives. We are passionate about impacting life and performance, connecting the necessary linkages between organisational values, culture and desired outcomes. 

We help decode the complex, realign and enhance the existing and facilitate adaptive, resilient businesses of the future, by unlocking people potential through knowledge, ownership and accountability. We believe that the overall well-being of people is the foundation of every success story and our 5-Step plan empowers individuals and organisations to realise their goals in a mutually compatible way with their environments

On Your Marks

Our Differentiating Factors

We have unique, world class processes that are driven by state of the art mechanisms including online learning.  We have a rare mix of expertise and experience and integrate our blended interventions in such a way that they impact our client’s people, processes and profits.  We are therefore able to embed our process into businesses balanced score cards and ultimately impact their bottom line.  We address the debilitating effects of friction, absenteeism, professional errors and reputational risk by challenging burnout, compassion fatigue and personal competency gaps to create resilience, success and growth at an organizational and personal level. 

We work with ordinary people
doing extraordinary things.

Our Expertise

As professionals we have vast and diverse personal and professional experience in the following:

  • ​Providing executive, management, individual and high performance team coaching

  • Mentorship of individuals and teams within the work setting utilizing a cascading model

  • Team training, development and facilitation

  • Identifying, managing and preventing stress, burnout and compassion fatigue

  • Assisting individuals and teams to develop emotional resilience (the ability to bounce back) and GRIT (passion and perseverance) in achieving long term goals

  • Alignment of both the individual and the organisations values and goals including personal development plans

  • Facilitate the development of personal mastery by identifying an individual’s current state, their developmental gaps and tools and skills to bridge the divide

  • Assisting teams to understand the power of collaboration and unity within the context of diversity

  • Assessment tools such as EQ and Personality Profiling, Mental Toughness, Leadership Styles and individual styles around conflict, communication, stress and burnout

  • Helping teams and individuals to debrief after a traumatic or critical incident; assisting them to manage both the immediate and long term impact and providing them with significant cognitive, emotional and behavioural tools

Meet The Team

Welile Maleka

Managing Director

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Welile has over 24 years cross cutting experience in both the private and public sector space.
Her focus is on government business process optimisation. 
She is ultimately responsible for firm strategy and operations throughout the business.


Kim Ballantine

Professional Business and Life Coach, Industrial Psychologist, Motivational Speaker

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Kim has 30 years’ experience in organisational and people development.  She has consulted and coached extensively in the manufacturing, retail and service sector in international best practice and world class processes.  She is also a motivational speaker.  Her passion is to see people maximize their potential in their personal and professional lives.

Jessie Swart

Professional Life and Business Coach

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Jessie worked as a Social Worker for 20 years and in the Wellness Industry for 21 years.  She has vast experience in helping and coaching individuals and teams in the area of behavioural patterns, relationships and emotional health.  Her passion is to assist her clients in taking charge of their lives from a place of mindfulness, living from the inside out.

Shirley Waghorn

Professional Life and Business Coach

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Shirley has 44 years’ experience in financial and staff management, people development, mentoring and coaching at all levels. She has consulted to a varied spectrum of industries such as retail, travel, PR, Trusts, IT, wholesale, signage companies and medical doctors.  She has done group training and team building in companies. Her passion is to see her clients living their preferred future.


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